Color Changing Water Aerator


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Just screw this small water aerator on the end of your kitchen tap and light up your water in beautiful color.


  • changes color every few seconds
  • aerates water (saves money)
  • no batteries required

*fits most standard 24 mm taps

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Water aerators can save you money by adding air to the flow of water coming out of your tap or faucet, saving you money.

This special aerator contains LED’s that change color when you turn on the tap. The main colors are red, green and blue but these can combine to create a total of seven different colors when in use.

The lights are activated by water pressure and turn on automatically with the water flow. No batteries required, this unit is self sufficient and generates its own electricity.

Made from a durable chrome plated ABS plastic these aerators work well in the kitchen and bathroom, just check the sizes first.


  • 24 mm diameter male connector (32 mm long)

Package Contains:

  • 1 x water aerator


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