Baby Shampoo Eye Shield


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Every child hates to get soap in their eyes. With this simple cap you can protect your infants eyes from shampoo and water while they have a bath or shower.

  • protect your child’s eye from the discomfort of shampoo suds
  • easy to slip on and off infant’s head
  • snug and comfortable fit
  • waterproof material with elasticated rim
  • can be used as a sunshade
  • use while cutting your infants hair
  • different colors available
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The shield is simply placed over the head, then pulled down to the forehead and top of the neck at the back, ensuring that as much hair as possible is above the visor and that it is a snug fit above and to the side of the eyes. The shampoo visor can be easily washed and dried ready for next time.

This eye shield has other uses as well. It can also be used as a sunshade or when cutting your child’s hair it will prevent excess hair getting in their eyes.

Made from soft neoprene rubber.

Product Size:

Easily adjustable to fit heads with a diameter of 10 – 14 cm (4.0 – 5.5 inches).

*see diagram

Package contains:

1 x baby eye shield

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Yellow, Pink, Blue


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